The SMCET ‘Think Tank’ develops and trains problem solvers for the corporate world. Solving real problems requires engineers to think across the functional silos that are ingrained into the curricula of most engineering institutes.

At SMCET, students will gain exposure to some of the world’s leading innovative thinkers. In the classroom, its top-ranked faculty gives students access to the latest research before it filters into consulting firms and major corporations. Some of the members of SMCET Think Tanks are Given Below:

S.No. Name Designation / Title Branch Qualification & Specializaton
1. Dr. Gajendra Singh Rajawat Professor CSE B.Tech., M.Tech., Ph.D.
2. Er. Abhishek Sharma  Assoc. Professor ECE B.Tech., M.Tech.
3. Er. Kamal Singh Rao Associate Professor ECE B.Tech., M.Tech.
4. Dr. T.C. Jain Professor Mechanical B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D
5. Dr. Devendra Agarwal Professor Chemistry B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.
6. Er. Ravi Bhushan Sharma Associate Professor CSE B.E.
7. Er. Narendra Kumar Verma Assoc. Professor EE B.E., M.Tech.
8. Er. Pranay Tak Associate Professor ME B.E., M.Tech.
9. Er. Prateek Chaturvedi Associate Professor ME B.Tech., M.Tech.
10. Er. Vinay Kumar Associate Professor CS B.Tech., M.Tech.
11. Er. Bharat Singh Associate Professor EE B.Tech., M.Tech.
12. Er. Ruchira Srivastava  Assoc. Professor ME B.Tech., M.Tech.
13. Er. Gaurav Garg Associate Professor E&C B.Tech., M.Tech.
14. Mrs. Meenakshi Sisodia Assistant Prof. Physics B.Sc., M.Sc.
15. Mr. Lokesh Kumar Sharma Assistant Prof. Chemistry B.Sc., M.Sc.
16. Mr. Satyaprakash Tailor Assistant Prof. English B.A., M.A.
17. Ms. Mahima Goyal Assistant Prof. Maths B.Sc., M.Sc.
18. Er. Etika Goyal Assistant Prof. E&C B.Tech.
19. Er. Abhishek Kumar Sharma  Assoc. Professor EE B.E.
20. Er. Raghu Nandan Singh Hada Associate Professor EE B.Tech.
21. Er. Vikram Singh Sodha Asst. Professor EE B.Tech.
22. Er. Srashti Garg Assistant Prof. CSE B.Tech.
23. Er. Pawan Prakash Assistant Prof. ME B.Tech.
24. Er. Singh Rakesh Shiv Assistant Prof. ME B.Tech.
25. Er. Ankush Sharma Associate Professor ME B.Tech., M.Tech.
26. Er. Indrabhan Sharma Assoc. Professor CE B.Tech.
27. Er. Shalinee Sikarwar Assistant Prof. CSE B.Tech.
28. Er. Varsha Sen Assistant Prof. EE B.Tech.
29. Er. Kapil Kumar Garg  Assoc. Professor CE B.Tech.
30. Er. Laxmi Chand Sharma Assoc. Professor EE B.Tech., M.Tech.
31. Ms.Rashi Goyal Assoc. Professor Mathematics B.Sc., M.Sc.
32. Er. Sonika Tygai Assistant Prof. CS B.Tech., M.Tech.
33. Er. Lokesh Lakshakar Assistant Professor EE B.Tech.
34. Er. Rituraj Sharma Assistant Professor EE B.Tech.
35. Er. Anup Singh Assistant Professor Civil B.Tech.
36. Er. Sunil Kumar Assistant Professor Civil B.Tech.
37. Er. Manish Suman Assistant Professor Civil B.Tech.
38. Er. Manish Srivastav Assistant Professor EE B.Tech.
39. Er. Satyakant Sharma Assistant Professor ECE B.Tech.
40. Er. Vikramaditya Singh Assistant Professor ME B.Tech.
41. Er. Shivya Sharma Assistant Professor CSE B.Tech.
42. Er. Richa Sharma Assistant Professor CSE B.Tech.
43. Er. Suman Ellandula Assistant Professor ECE B.Tech.
44. Er. Ramkishan Bairwa Associate Professor ECE B.Tech., M.Tech.
45. Er. Mohit Singhal Assistant Prof. Maths B.Sc., M.Sc.
46. Er. Neha Chaugaonkar Assistant Prof. CSE B.Tech.
47. Ms. Priyanka Assistant Prof. English Dep. B.A., M.A.
48. Er. Nanu Ram Kumawat Assistant Prof. Civil B.Tech.
49. Er. Prakash Chand Chauhan Assistant Prof. Civil B.Tech.
50. Er. Indrabhan Sharma Assistant Prof. Civil B.Tech.
51. Er. Gaurav Garg Assistant Prof. ECE B.Tech.
52. Er. Shiv Pratap Singh Rathore Assistant Prof. EE B.Tech.
53. Er. Bhanu Priya Sharma Assistant Prof. Physics M.Sc.
54. Er. Vinay Kumar Assistant Prof. EE B.Tech.
55. Er. Kapil Kumar Garg Assistant Prof. CSE B.Tech.
56. Er. B.S. Jha Associate Prof. CSE B.Tech., M.Tech.
57. Er. Prashant Kumar Associate Prof. ME B.Tech., M.Tech.
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