SMCET, IIRM Phagi Campus, Rampura Road, Phagi, Jaipur – 303005

PresidentDear Students,

This is the authentic of our SMCET as traced from the time of its infancy, which is early nineties. One day, on return from their lunch break, the SMCET members were greeted with a sign on the front door which proclaimed: “The most distinguished and highly regarded member of the family  will be visiting the Institute tomorrow and will be very happy to meet all of you individually, one –on-one, in the seminar Hall from 10 AM onwards. All are urged to take advantage of this once –in-a life-time opportunity to exchange their views with a celebrity.” 

On reading this notice, there were mixed feelings of curiosity, perplexity and excitement among the members who were wondering as the identity of the person and his views in various matters related and unrelated to the Institute. In fact, speculation was rife. On the following day, at the appointed time, one by one all the members were ushered in the Hall. When they came out, their faces were glowing, confidence was oozing out of them but they did not answer the questions of those who were yet to enter the Hall to meet the great man. They preferred to keep quiet as if in a meditative and reflective mood. 

This pensive mood also pervaded in the atmosphere of Common Room where, as usual, all the members gathered for lunch. In spite of the silence, there was an under-current of excitement as if they wanted to share with each other the thrill of the common secret that was revealed to them after their visit to Hall. The ice was broken after a chance trivial remark about the contents of Tiffin. And then the Common Room burst into life, and was filled with exultance and exuberance. There was a chorus of happy voices of the members narrating the “soulful and stirring” experience of meeting the great personage earlier in the day. It seemed each one of them was on the “top of the world”. After the lunch, they all moved to their respective places of work. However, there was a marvelous change in the demeanor of everybody—a palpable positivity in the attitude and behavior. 

One of the regular visitors to the campus was astonished to observe a sea-change in the working pattern of the members who were all diligently focused on the work in hand and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying doing whatever work they were doing. He was inquisitive and so he prevailed upon a member to share the secret of this transformation. 

The member said,” As soon as I entered the Hall, I saw it tastefully decorated. The word “WELCOME” was prominently written with flowers. As I advanced towards the ‘guest chair’, I saw my own reflection in the big mirror which was placed on the chair. There was no one else in sight. Then the realization dawned on me that I was the VVIP of the day. This realization was confirmed by the words emblazoned there, “You are the great guest of today because you are the one who is setting the milestones for the phenomenal growth and meteoric rise of the Institute. You have always been ahead of times and unbounded by the usual limiting beliefs.” 

Dear Readers, this has been the philosophy of SMCET which we all should imbibe when we shoulder the responsibility of our respective offices and embark upon the challenging task of the institution –building,which is a continuous unending process.

Best of Luck!!

Prof. Barbara Cangan