Department of Mechanical Engineering

The department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 2000 which offers B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineeing of four years duration; the intake capacities are 60 students respectively. Mechanical engineering is a creative discipline that draws upon a number of basic and applied sciences to design, build and optimize the devices, machines, processes, and systems that involve mechanical forces, work and energy. So the department comprises of highly experienced faculty members who are working for the welfare of the students and the department. It has total faculty strength of ten.
The following are the labs and workshops that are being carried out in mechanical engineering:
  1. Fluid Mechanics Lab
  2. Thermal Engines Lab
  3. Instrumentation & Control Lab
  4. Strength of Material Lab
  5. Dynamics of Machines Lab
  6. Material Science lab
  7. Refrigeration Lab
  8. Computer Aided Design Lab
  10. Heat Transfer Lab
  11. Production Engineering Lab
  12. Foundry Lab
  13. Fluid Machienery Lab
  14. Measurement and Control Lab
  15. Metrology Lab
  16. Automobile Lab
  17. Mechanical Workshop

Teaching Staff

  S.No. Name Designation  
  1. Mr.Vinay Singh Marwal Head  
  2. Prof. R. D. Dadhich Professor  
  3. Mr. Yudhister Saini Lecturer  
  4. Mr. Rakesh Mahaver Lecturer  
  5. Mr. Jugdeep Singh Lecturer  
  6. Mr. Lokesh Kumar Lecturer  
  7. Mr. Vijay Choudhary Lecturer  
  8. Mr. Aditya Gautam Lecturer  
  9. Mr. Harish Tiwari Lecturer  
  10. Mr. Mahesh Sharma Lecturer