SMCET, IIRM Phagi Campus, Rampura Road, Phagi, Jaipur – 303005

SMCET – Think Tank

The SMCET ‘Think Tank’ develops and trains problem solvers for the corporate world. Solving real problems requires engineers to think across the functional silos that are ingrained into the curricula of most engineering institutes.

At SMCET, students will gain exposure to some of the world’s leading innovative thinkers. In the classroom, its top-ranked faculty gives students access to the latest research before it filters into consulting firms and major corporations. List of its faculty members are given below:




Designation / Title


1.  Dr. Gajendra Singh Rajawat  Principal  Computer Science
2.  Dr. Anukrant Williamson  Professor  Electronics & Communication Engg.
3.  Dr. Laxmi Kant Sharma  Professor  First Year/Other
4.  Mr. Dharmendra Gupta  Associate Professor  Electronics & Communication Engineering
5.  Mr. Abhishek Kumar Sharma  Lecturer  Electrical Engineering
6.  Mr. Raghunandan Singh Hada  Lecturer  Electrical Engineering
7.  Mr. Kamal Singh Rao  Associate Professor  Electronics & Communication Engg.
8.  Ms. Manisha Sinha  Lecturer  First Year/Other
9.  Mr. Toni Shankar Pareek  Lecturer  First Year/Other
10.  Ms. Garima Jain  Lecturer  Computer Science
11.  Mr. Laxmi Kant Vashisht  Associate Professor  Information Technology
12.  Mr. Chandra Shekhar Jangid  Asst. Professor  Mechanical Engineering
13.  Mr. Nitesh Kumar Jangid  Lecturer  Computer Science
14.  Ms. Akansha Jain  Lecturer  Electronics & Communication Engg.
15.  Dr. Veena Singh  Professor  First Year/Other
16.  Ms. Mahima Goyal  Lecturer  First Year/Other
17.  Dr. Usha Puri  Professor  First Year/Other
18.  Dr. Kehar Singh  Professor  Computer Science
19.  Mr. Chaur Singh Rajput  Lecturer  Computer Science
20.  Ms. Pooja Singh  Lecturer  Information Technology
21.  Mr. Ravi Lamba  Lecturer  Mechanical Engineering
22.  Mr. Amit Kumar  Lecturer  Electronics & Communication Engg.
23.  Ms. Rashi Goyal  Lecturer  First Year/Other
25.  Mr. Nitesh Singh Sirohiya  Lecturer  Electrical Engineering
26.  Mr. Mukesh Choudhary  Lecturer  Mechanical Engineering
27.  Mr. Hemant Kumar Sharma  Lecturer  First Year/Other
28.  Mr. Sanjay Kumar Gupta  Lecturer  Electronics & Communication Engg.
29.  Mr. Tarun Kumar Sharma  Lecturer  Mechanical Engineering
30.  Mr. Vikram Singh Bhati  Lecturer  Electrical Engineering
31.  Mr. Pushpendra Singh Sirohiya  Lecturer  Electrical Engineering
32.  Mr. Pawan Prakash  Lecturer  Mechanical Engineering
33.  Mr. Laxmi Chand Sharma  Associate Professor  Electrical Engineering
34.  Mrs. Preeti Jain  Associate Professor  Electronics & Communication Engineering
35.  Mr. Pradeep Nath Mathur  Associate Professor  Civil Engineering
36.  Mr. Nilesh Singh Jadoun  Lecturer  Civil Engineering
37.  Mr. Indrabhan Sharma  Lecturer  Civil Engineering
38.  Ms. Srashti Garg  Lecturer  Computer Science
39.  Mr. Kunver Singh  Lecturer  Civil Engineering
40.  Mr. Lokesh Kumar Sharma  Lecturer  First Year/Other
41.  Mr. Narendra Kumar Verma  Associate Professor  Electrical Engineering
42.  Mr. Shiv Prakash Dadhich  Lecturer  Mechanical Engineering
43.  Ms. Seema Kumari  Lecturer  First Year/Other
44.  Mr. Vikram Singh  Asst. Professor  First Year/Other
45.  Mr. Singh Rakesh Shiv  Asst. Professor  Mechanical Engineering
46.  Mr. Radhe Shyam Rathore  Associate Professor  Mechanical Engineering
47.  Mr. Ashu Ranjan  Asst. Professor  Mechanical Engineering
48.  Ms. Anidhya Athaiya  Asst. Professor  Computer Science
49.  Mr. Naresh Kumar  Asst. Professor  Civil Engineering
50.  Ms. Krishna Sharma  Asst. Professor  Civil Engineering
51.  Ms. Rashmi Sharma  Asst. Professor  Computer Science
52.  Mrs. Deepika Pareta  Asst. Professor  Electrical Engineering
53.  Mr. Hemendra Pathak  Asst. Professor  First Year/Other
54.  Mr. Pawan Kumar Jangid  Asst. Professor  Civil Engineering
55.  Mr. Gurumal Singh  Asst. Professor  Civil Engineering
56.  Mr. Rohit Kumar Garg  Asst. Professor  Computer Science
57.  Mr. Chandra Kant Bhagtani  Asst. Professor  Electronics & Communication Engineering
58.  Mr. Kapil Kumar Garg  Asst. Professor  Civil Engineering
59.  Mr. Pavan Kumar Meena  Asst. Professor  Civil Engineering
60.  Mr. Braj Mohan  Asst. Professor  Electrical Engineering
61.  Mr. Pawan Singh Rathore  Asst. Professor  First Year/Other
62.  Mr. Pranay Tak  Associate Professor  Mechanical Engineering
63.  Mr. Devendra  Asst. Professor  Electrical Engineering
64.  Ms. Aastha Sharma  Asst. Professor  Electrical Engineering
65.  Mr. Prateek Chaturvedi  Associate Professor  Mechanical Engineering
66.  Mr. Bharat Singh  Associate Professor  Electrical Engineering
67.  Mr. Manish Kumar Gupta  Associate Professor  Computer Science
68.  Mr. Dhanpat Charan  Asst. Professor  Electrical Engineering
69.  Mr. Brijesh Kumar Saini  Asst. Professor  Civil Engineering
70.  Mr. Abhishek Sharma  Associate Professor  Electronics & Communication Engg.
71.  Mr. Sheetal Kumar Dixit  Associate Professor  Computer Engineering
72.  Mr. Mahendra Sogani Lecturer  Civil Engineering
73.  Mr. Harfool Singh Lamba  Lecturer  Electronics & Communication Engg.
74.  Mrs. Renu Sharma  Associate Professor  Electronics & Communication Engg.
75.  Mr. Dharam Prakash Gupta  Associate Professor  Electrical Engineering
76.  Mr. Prakash Chand Jain  Associate Professor  Civil Engineering
77.  Dr. Tikam Chand Jain Professor  Mechanical Engineering
78.  Mr. Kapil Kumar Jain  Lecturer  Information Technology
79.  Ms. Shipra Saha  Lecturer  Computer Science
80.  Mr. Ankesh Gupta  Lecturer  Computer Science